I’m seriously considering making an offtopic sideblog for the system’s general ramblings and keeping blackstatictulpa just for research and progress reports

I mean BStulpa is kind of dead lately anyway

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"The milky way is just one giant line of crack designed to get us stoned and play the planet earth game"

— Kaigan Kurone

Kaigan: An interesting post from a multiple about their awakening/early sentience. I’ve started to wonder about the whole “accidental tulpa” thing about myself actually and if it’s easier to just call myself a multiple instead - the origin of my existence doesn’t seem to matter so much and multiplicity seems to make for a nice umbrella term instead of getting so hung up about it.

Been busy and haven’t had much to update with. Again, if I unfollow people it’s to keep my dash tulpa-related.

That moment when you’re trying to open a jar of nutella for night blogging and your tulpae decide to possess your hands so you can’t unscrew the lid

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It’s so heartbreaking to see depressed tulpae that want to be physically real, especially when you can’t do anything about it.

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A blooper preview of my short drama/comedy, Switch! We don’t really have many papers on tulpae, multiple personalities or DID - and this is probably why.

"Switch" © 2013 Black Static Productions and Grafton NCI TAFE

  • Me:
  • My first born:
  • Me:
  • Me: *leans in close* what was it like
  • My first born:
  • Me: to be inside my body?
  • My first born: *cries*
  • Me: shit
  • The father: u scared her again didnt you?

Small Update from Kai

KAIGAN: Guys, okay, I’m just letting you know we haven’t disappeared or anything. Ayla’s just been really, really freakin’ busy with her last semester of college and it’s giving us less time to force. In general news though; I now have a grandson born on Sunday. Cleff named him Sam, and he looks a lot like his mother Soft. Will try and get Ayla to post a better update at some point because it’s two in the morning and she’s gotta try and get some sleep. Mainly just saying that we’re still around.

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spring cleaning

Just trying to keep my dash tulpa related, if I unfollow you chances are I’m still following on my main blog.

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Do you realise that sometimes when we lose a follower they didn’t actually unfollow us?

They deleted their blog.

It’s like thinking your neighbour moved out and then discovering he actually died.


One of my followers deleted her blog the other day. It happens.

I’m still wondering where one of my followers went - I think they actually took their life as well…

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"Terrible feeling that Youn mighta had control last night… No proof, but things are turning up in weird places… Like my keys at the bottom of a fruit bowl, weird stuff on my portable HDD, and now my cables have all gone missing"

— Ryan

Gravel Tries to Minecraft

Unfortunately, unlike my other tulpas, Gravel doesn’t seem to like minecraft so much when survival is involved.

She wanted to make something for her girlfriend Cleff and surprise her when she could next get online, but unlike her namesake Gravel doesn’t seem to get on well with gravel blocks - she nearly drowned in the island house twice and came close to giving herself a heart attack when trying to migrate resources from the zombie, creeper and skeleton infested mainland (a problem with monster spawns near the server spawn, why we’re on an island in the first place).

She found herself sitting in our first empty, abandoned, bedless house near spawn, alone in the middle of a total monster apocalypse, waiting for the sun to rise so that she could somehow build a new boat and get off the mainland. When she couldn’t even get out the front door for food or wood she started to shake uncontrollably, head in her hooves, and promptly broke down crying after a skeleton attacked her. She had put the items she wanted to bring with her in a chest, luckily, but she’s currently sitting in the wonderland with Saskia and Liana trying to cheer her up.

Gonna go give her some reassuring hugs and make us some 11pm dinner.

How to Create a Tulpa/Egregore Safely (by Govan Kilgour)

A spiritual/metaphysical approach to creating a tulpa, with some nice background about the Golem story. Includes some talk about the restrictions and potentials of tulpamancy and seems to be a nice meta video for those who approach tulpas from that angle. 

Wow, I see this the very second I make my post. Must be film on the brain for the #tulpa tag right now o.o

Wow, I see this the very second I make my post. Must be film on the brain for the #tulpa tag right now o.o

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